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Hourly Plumber
Hourly Plumber

Flexible hourly plumbing services for your convenience and immediate assistance.

Starting AED 79

Taps / Mixer / Faucet / Shower
Taps / Mixer / Faucet / Shower

Professional installation of taps, mixer, faucets & shower for a stylish and functional upgrade.

Starting AED 199

Blockage Removal
Blockage Removal

Efficient blockage removal services to restore proper flow and functionality.

Starting AED 149

Water Heater
Water Heater

Expert water heater installation for reliable and efficient hot water supply.

Starting AED 299


Plumber Service


Service Includes:


  • Labour fee and inspection fee is included.
  • 24Hrs Service  warranty.


Service Excludes:

  • Procurement of spare parts at extra cost.



  • If service is not availed, visit charges of AED49 will be charged.




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