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Know 6 Reasons and How to Fix Your AC!
Know 6 Reasons and How to Fix Your AC!

Isn’t the air conditioner cold? or is AC Not Cooling as required?

As the outside temperature gets high, so does the requirement for a proper cooling system at your home. However, if your A/C unit isn’t working properly, it can cause more than mere discomfort. Not doing regular maintenance can turn into costly repairs and replacement of the AC. To avoid such a scenario need to keep your air conditioner in top shape. 

Find the reasons, why your AC requires regular inspection and maintenance on priority this summer:

1. Dirty air filter: Dirty air filters are the most common reason for split and window air conditioners not cooling. If the AC filter is dirty or clogged with dirt and dust, it can cause various problems. This can affect the proper functioning of your thermostat. Dirty AC filters block the passage of cold and warm air through the ducts. It is also possible that the evaporator coil is frozen, blocking the passage of cool air through the outlet.

Solution: We recommend that you have the & AC filter& checked with an Urbanmop expert and replace it with a new one if it is clogged.

2. Incorrect thermostat setting: If your split or window air conditioner is not cooling, you should check the operation of your air Conditioner’s thermostat. It would be a problem if the wind from the air conditioner became lukewarm next to the cool air. If you face such a situation, switch your thermostat setting to automatic mode. This way the fan will only work when the air is cooling.

Solution: Always leave the AC thermostat in Auto mode instead of ON mode. This is a common reason why air conditioners do not cool. 

3. Dirty outdoor unit: If the outdoor unit is dirty, the air conditioner will not work as well because it is important to understand how the air conditioner works. 1. The evaporator (indoor unit) absorbs heat from the surrounding air and transfers it to the outdoor unit air conditioner. 2. Condenser (outdoor unit) - Condenses hot air into cold air. A clogged condenser prevents the air conditioner from cooling properly. Deposits and dirt interfere with even heat transfer.

Solution: Want to know how to fix your AC? Clean the condenser and remove weeds and dirt from around it to give it plenty of breathing space. To avoid high air conditioner maintenance costs, get regular air conditioner repairs and services from Urbanmop. 

4. Motor failure: If the fan motor breaks down or malfunctions, the outdoor unit will not be able to dissipate heat, affecting the cooling capacity of the air conditioner.

Solution: This problem of split or window air conditioner not cooling is best dealt with by professionals only. You can hire a professional from Urbanmop for this.

5. Low refrigerant level: Refrigerant is an important liquid that absorbs heat from the surrounding air, and its absence or deficiency can prevent your air conditioner from cooling. If the air conditioner does not cool, it may be leaking refrigerant. To avoid this problem, perform air conditioner maintenance regularly.

Solution: This problem can be identified by the following symptoms: B. Hissing, foaming, or icing in the outdoor unit. Once identified, contact an expert to resolve this issue. 

6. Damaged compressor: Compressors are an important part of the air conditioning system as they regulate the flow of refrigerant between the evaporator and condenser. Therefore, a damaged condenser cannot cool the air sufficiently.

Solution: A damaged compressor should be replaced. Hire an experienced professional to fix this.

At we ensure to deliver the best of our services through trained AC technicians who can Service and repair the AC of any brand.


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