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5 Signs your Sofa/Carpet/Mattress needs Deep Shampoo Cleaning
5 Signs your Sofa/Carpet/Mattress needs Deep Shampoo Cleaning

Our Upholstery becomes part of the family after years of being with us. With countless Parties, Movie nights, Chip spills and quality naps, our favourite chairs and couches get run down and lose their original radiance. From time to time it's our responsibility as well to keep them up-to-date and fresh.

5 Signs your Sofa/Carpet/Mattress needs Deep Shampoo Cleaning

Here are five telltale signs your Upholstery needs deep shampoo cleaning.

Colour Dullness:
Long-time exposure to light and regular use dulls the look of upholstery. It is not possible to reverse the ageing process of the upholstery, but our upholstery cleaning can make it look new and fresh again.

Bad Odour/ Stinking:
A clean, well-ventilated home should not have any lingering unpleasant odours. If you notice a smell only where your upholstery resides, that is a clear sign your furniture needs cleaning.

Visible Stains:
Years of enjoying your morning coffee, or juice, maybe a slightly melted Popsicle in the Arizona heat, will take a toll on your furniture. Sure, you can try the regular stain-removing products, but if you catch the stain too late or it just won’t budge, you might need to think about getting your furniture professionally cleaned.

Pet Wate / Hair:
Pets are part of the family, and some would argue that it’s impossible not to have them on the upholstery. However, our furry friends shed a lot of hair which can get embedded into the fibres and hard-to-reach places of our furniture..

If you are experiencing more allergy symptoms than usual, your upholstery could be the cause. Pollen, dust, and pet dander are absorbed by the upholstery and get released into the air when the furniture is disrupted. To get rid of them, you must get your upholstery deep cleaned.

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